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Salt 2014.1.4 Release Notes 

Version 2014.1.4 is another bugfix release for 2014.1.0. Changes include:

  • Fix dependency issue (issue 12031)
  • Fix handling for IOErrors under certain circumstances (issue 11783 and issue 11853)
  • Fix fatal exception when /proc/1/cgroup is not readable (issue 11619)
  • Fix os grains for OpenSolaris ...

Salt 2014.1.3 Release Notes 

Version 2014.1.3 is another bugfix release for 2014.1.0. It was created as a hotfix for a regression found in 2014.1.2, which was not distributed. The only change made was as follows:

  • Fix regression that caused saltutil.find_job to fail, causing premature terminations of salt ...

Salt 2014.1.2 Release Notes 

Version 2014.1.2 is another bugfix release for 2014.1.0. The changes include:

  • Fix username detection when su'ed to root on FreeBSD (issue 11628)
  • Fix minionfs backend for file.recurse states
  • Fix 32-bit packages of different arches than the CPU arch, on 32-bit RHEL/CentOS (issue 11822 ...

Salt 2014.1.1 Release Notes 

Version 2014.1.1 is another bugfix release for 2014.1.0. The changes include:

  • Various doc fixes, including up-to-date Salt Cloud installation documentation.
  • Renamed state.sls runner to state.orchestrate, to reduce confusion with the state.sls execution function
  • Fix various bugs in the dig module (issue 10367)
  • Add ...

Salt 2014.1.0 Release Notes 


Due to a change in master to minion communication, 2014.1.0 minions are not compatible with older-version masters. Please upgrade masters first. More info on backwards-compatibility policy here, under the "Upgrading Salt" subheading.

The 2014.1.0 release of Salt is a major release which not only increases ...

Salt 0.17.5 Release Notes 

Version 0.17.5 is another bugfix release for 0.17.0. The changes include:

  • Fix user.present states with non-string fullname (9085)
  • Fix virt.init return value on failure (6870)
  • Fix reporting of file.blockreplace state when test=True
  • Fix network.interfaces when used in cron (7990)
  • Fix bug ...

Salt 0.17.0 Release Notes 

The SaltStack team has just released 0.17.0, which happens to be the biggest release in their history. I'm very excited about the new features in this release and I'm excited to start playing with it. See below for the official release notes.

The 0.17.0 ...

Salt Air 17 

The SaltStack team has published yet another Salt Air broadcast just two days after the last. This episode outlines many of the new features in the 0.17.0 release including:

  • salt-ssh, a new ssh-based transport mechanism.
  • halite, the Salt Web-UI.
  • State Auto Ordering, states are now fully imperative and ...

Install and configure Halite (alpha) on Arch Linux 

Halite, the Salt Web UI, was recently released and I had a chance this morning to sit down and play with it. So far I'm very impressed with the functionality and with how lightweight it is. In this post I want to outline how to install and configure Halite ...

Salt Air 16 : Salt SSH 

Today the SaltStack team published a new Salt Air broadcast "Salt SSH". This episode demonstrates the new salt-ssh functionality in the upcoming 0.17.0. The new salt-ssh allows you to connect to any number of machines using SSH as a transport. This method doesn't require a minion to ...